Sunday, February 05, 2006

Row, row, row your......king sized areobed!

This is going to be a short post. Sigh....this has not been a fun day. Well, I guess I should start this from the beginning. As most of you know, John and I have taken over his parents' basement after the big bruhaha over the holidays.

However, as.....cozy as John has been able to make the basement with a little bit of carpeting, a TV, a couple of cheap dressers and an airbed that we have to re-pump up every night, with a regular hand pump,......sigh..... because of a slow leak, that by morning time leaves my butt freezing as it slowly desends to the cold basement floor, two major things are wrong with this scenario.

One, the slow leak in the airbed turned into a non fixable tear in the rubber opening where the air pump fit into. Well, maybe it could have been fixed. At least for a little while. I really didn't care, I was sick and tired of freezing by morning time because the bed was half deflated. It was a good reason to go and buy a better air mattress. It just so happened that Linens n' Things was having a sale on their Queen sized Areobeds at what we thought was a reasonable price. So we headed to the one in Quincy this past Friday night, only to find out that the model they had advertised was out and the only Queen sized models they had left were a hundred dollars more than what we wanted to pay. But they did have the King sized model we wanted for only twenty dollars more, so we got that one. On the plus side is that when we got to the register, it rang up for the same price as the Queen! Woohoo! Boy were we ever suckers! But we didn't find that out till Saturday.

See, I wanted to buy an air mattress bed frame to go along with the mattress. It would make getting up in the morning much easier and I wouldn't have to worry about being cold if the thing developed a leak and slowly deflated. Not that I really thought that an aerobed would, they're one of the better brands of airbeds, but I wanted to sleep in a regular bed like a regular person dammit!! Or as close to it as possible. The store didn't have them, but I knew that aerobed made them, and you could either get them online or buy them at other stores. So I didn't mind getting the bed that night, and getting the bed frame later this weekend. The thing is, no one wants to buy the King sized aerobed because the company doesn't make the optional bed frame in the King size! And neither does any other air mattress company!WTF!! We spent most of Saturday trying to find one, only to come home and look online to find out we were wasting our time. So....we're stuck with an enormous air mattress that has to be on the floor. It's very comfortable, doesn't leak, and takes up half a room. But wait, this only gets better.

Second in this scenario gone wrong is this winter weather we've been having. Or rather the lack thereof. In the two winters that I've lived here, this month is just awful for constant snow storms. Usually that would be not much fun for other reasons, mostly if one has to drive in it (or deliver newspapers in it), or shovel snow, but when you have to sleep in a leaky basement, snow is good for keeping the ground frozen, and water out of the basement until Spring, when the floodgates are released. We both figured we had a little time. The rain doesn't always seep into the basement, only when there's a lot of rain....which we've been getting a lot of.

It really wasn't that bad till last night. A little bit of seeping in from one wall, but our bed wasn't near it. I woke up this morning to tell John, "Go check the water leakage," and kind of dozed off. Then I hear him say, "Shit, it's really coming in! The rug is soaking wet...", DAMMIT!! So all of us spent the morning getting all of our stuff out of the basement. And all day Glenn, Ryan, and their mom had to use the big wet vac to suck up the water coming in. Our stuff is strewn all over the house....AGAIN, when we had just gotten settled from moving from his grandmother's house. Our clothes were thrown all over the place, so I've been ironing shirts today and bemoaning the recent turn of events. And where was John? He just had to leave to go to a friends house to watch the Superbowl on a gigantic screen TV. Except the game wasn't till this evening and he left at noon. But he felt bad about that. Really. How do I know? Because he said so after showing up here at 10:30 tonight. That's convincing, right?

Mr. Schprock, do me a favor, would you please? Give John some pointers on the building of his doghouse. At this rate, it'll be even more lived in than his parents' basement......

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mozart and Amazing Belly Buttons

I've gotten in way over my head. I figured, "Hey, everyone has a blog! I guess I should have one too. I mean how hard can it be, right?" I should tell myself to shut up more often. It doesn't usually work though. So then I was stuck trying to write something interesting enough to read. That was back in August of last year. I guess I'm not fooling anyone anymore. It looks like I've been called out one too many times (thanks a lot Mr. Schprock!). I didn't know what I wanted my first post to be about, but Mr. Schprock has generously and helpfully taken care of that for me! How kind of him.....grumble.....grumble......

OK! No more excuses!

Three Things I Do That No One Else Knows About:

1. I cry whenever I hear or sing the hymn Amazing Grace. I am not an overly devout/dogmatic/hardline Christian. In fact, I have some very un-Christian religious beliefs. I would even go so far to admit that I walked away from organized religion for over twenty years, and have only recently returned when I became a Catholic. But there is something that is immediately stirring about this particular gospel song that brings me to tears. I was at Mass this past Sunday when this was sung. I could barely hide the tears rolling down my face. I don't understand it. I don't dislike church hymns, but I'm not a big fan either.

2. This one is really gross so I apologize...............but I absolutely can't stand a funky belly button! I keep mine absolutely squeaky clean! Every single day. I don't understand how people can harbor all those nasty gremlins in their nooks and crannies. They ain't gonna clean themselves people, take some Q-Tips to them! Am I truly the only person in the Universe to feel the same way? Well am I? Sigh.....ok, I guess I really am.....

3. Sometimes when I like a song, any song, I like to play just that one song for hours and hours and hours. I put my headphones on for this, just so everyone else doesn't go insane, and I hit the repeat button. It could be a Marilyn Manson song one day, a Moby, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Beck, Mozart, Debussy, Guns n Roses song, or even some stupid pop song from the radio. I can't just listen to it and move on. I have to completely wear it out. I've owned some CDs for years before listening to the entire thing, because I love just one or two songs on it. I don't always do this.....Hmm.....I guess I need to invest in an MP3 player.....

Well, there you have it. Not the brilliantly witty and engrossing first post that I had hoped for, but deal with it. Oh, before I forget: Consider yourself busted!

Stellar - I'm tired of seeing that decapitated head! Write something!

NYPinta- I like your blog, I know I should comment....

Lord Loser- Quit being SO LAME and let us know what your blog is! Or at least let me know.....